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Synergy Stew

  Have you ever made soup before, but were missing that one ingredient that just makes it amazing? Unfortunately, it can throw things off balance and your soup won’t taste right. Just like soup, our lives and health rely on … Continue reading

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Motivation to Run

  Hey guys! As you may have seen on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, I survived the Wine and Dine half, and I will get a race recap up as soon as I can, but it *may* not be until next week because I … Continue reading

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Give Up or Get Up

  I have shared a little bit about some of the things that have been going on in my life with you here on RWS, but there are also things I have yet to divulge. Some have been going on … Continue reading

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RWS Features #40

  WOW I can’t believe this is the 40th blogger I have done a spotlight on, madness! I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. I board the Disney magic today for a week of fun in the sun. … Continue reading

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Learn From Experience

  I truly believe that we are supposed to learn from every experience in life, the good and the bad, the fun and the agonizing. I also believe in not “wasting” an experience. What I mean, is when something happens, … Continue reading

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  Today, Friday July 13th, I celebrate another year of life. If I wear superstitious, I would be avoiding creepy cats and ladders today. Well, maybe I will anyway just to be safe. Each of my years have been vastly … Continue reading

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You Leak What You Love

  I was reading my In Touch monthly magazine this weekend, and one of the articles really spoke to me. Ever read something and one certain line just, bam, jumps off the page and sticks with you? That’s how I … Continue reading

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RWS Features #24

Saturday again! This time last Saturday I was puking my guts out in Disney World. Doesn’t it sound like a magical vacation? Anyway, I am better now (I use this term loosely I still don’t feel strong enough to do serious workouts). … Continue reading

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  Since I’ve been home from vacation, I’ve been in a funk. I am of course attributing some of that to the fact that I am still not completely over my food poisoning. (Still having some weakness and mild stomach … Continue reading

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What’s Beautiful

Under Armour: What’s Beautiful . . . You! When you decide on a goal for yourself, do you follow through with it? What makes it worth attaining, and what helps you along the way? What if I told you that … Continue reading

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