FitFluential and more Disney


Fun announcement today! I was selected as one of FitFluentials ambassadors! Check out the page, and my bio HERE. I am so honored to be one of the ones chosen! If you missed my “audition” blog post, you can check that out HERE. I am excited for whatever is in store for me with FitFluential!

Ok, so moving back to my Disney trip. We left off with My parents anniversary. The next day was Saturday, and we had lunch in the Magic Kingdom at Liberty Tree Tavern. But first, we sat out on the swing at the beach again. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip!


check out my dad in the background….ya…



We watched some sweet baby ducks following mama around.


and Bobby chased them


We went to the Magic Kingdom early to walk around a little bit.

DSC_0204 DSC_0205

We walked by the new Fantasyland expansion. it’s coming along!


Our strong courageous men tried to pull out the sword.


It was finally time for lunch, and I got one of my favorite Disney desserts…Ooey gooey toffee cake!


After lunch we walked around a little more, then decided to head back to the hotel and relax at the pool.

DSC_0221 DSC_0224


It was really crowded, but eventually I spotted the only empty table right by the pool, so we had some shade.




We hung out at the pool, relaxing, reading, and swimming around, for a couple hours. it was really nice and relaxing. Then it was time to head to the lounge for appetizers. We didn’t have a reservation for dinner, so we were going to try to make the food in the lounge enough for dinner, and we managed!

2011-05-28185024 2011-05-28201417

after we ate, Bobby ran to the gym, and my dad and I walked and met him there. They did some weights and elliptical, and I ran 3 miles on the treadmill.


we walked back through a wedding. The design of the sidewalk is really poorly done, we basically had to go through the wedding party to get to the other side.


when we got back, the Poly beach was the place to be. They were having movie night and a campfire with marshmallows. We went back up to the lounge for desserts, and then decided to walk around outside and check out all the action.




we walked down to the dock and sat on some benches right as the water parade started. perfect timing! Oh, not to mention, the weather was so nice! not humid and I was chilly, I had a sweatshirt on!

2011-05-28210137 2011-05-28210554

It was a really great night just hanging out at the hotel. We went to bed after that, ready to head to the mickey boat the next day!

QOTD: what is your favorite way to relax on vacation?

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23 Responses to FitFluential and more Disney

  1. 1
    Jen says:

    Congrats on becoming an ambassador! How fun!
    Looks like you had a perfect day in Disney! Sometimes lounge food really is enough for an entire meal!

  2. 2
    Kayla says:

    You should try and make the dessert the ooey gooey toffee cake. Karen has the recipe on her blog somewhere. It is super easy and really good! I love it and try not to make it all the time. haha

  3. 3

    It looks so fun. Super cute bathing suit!

  4. 4
    Crystal says:

    Congrats on the fitfluential ambassador! You rock! Our vacations are not ever really very relaxing, and I don’t think they will be for awhile with my crazy child! LOL

  5. 5
    Bethany says:

    First off, i LOVE that water parade!!! It hasn’t changed a bit since i first saw it in the 1980s :-)

    Your trip looks FABULOUS!!!! I love seeing your pictures! I hope to post some of my wedding/honeymoon pix to my blog tonight. I’m going to send you a seperate email.
    Keep the pictures coming, it helps the work day go by faster :-p

  6. 6
    Karolina says:

    Your yellow & white polka dot bikini is so cute! Where’d you get it?
    My favorite way to relax on vacation is to lay on chairs by the pool or walk along the beach…with a pina colada of course!

  7. 7
    Rach says:

    Yaay! Congrats, girl! Looks like you had the best time! Disney is amazing! :)

  8. 8
    Karen says:

    Great pictures! Looks like a great way to spend a day in Disney! Yummm…Ooey Gooey….soooo good!!!! :0) Your new duck friends are cute and your dad in the back of that picture made me laugh! Too funny!

  9. 9

    Congrats on the FitFluential! I was also picked to be an ambassador and couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. And when I saw you were picked I literally screamed with joy for you! YAY! :)

  10. 10
    Trish says:

    WOw – congrats Heather on your FitFluencial appointment.
    Loved the recap from the Poly. I love it there! :)

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