Disneyland Day 1 Part 2


I left off my last Disneyland recap with lunch at Carnation Cafe which I highly recommend.


You may be wondering why I only ate a bowl of soup for lunch, but don’t worry it was all a part of my master plan. I wanted to save room for dessert…not just any dessert, a Dole whip!


It was good, but I must admit not as good as WDW. You see, I prefer to get vanilla ice cream in the pineapple juice. Here, all they had was pineapple ice cream with pineapple juice. It was a bit too much for me, but still tasty. We decided not to overdue it with the race the next day, so we decided to head over to the runDisney expo because I needed to get my coast to coast bracelet and then go rest. I took some shot of the Disneyland Hotel as we walked through to the expo.


Pool and monorail slide





After the expo we headed back through Downtown Disney to the Grand Californian


I took a couple of photos of the lobby on our way up. This one is actually of the walkway to our room up on our floor.



We took a quick nap (I love vacation naps. It was awesome) and decided to explore the hotel a bit before dinner.


Napa Rose, where we would be eating our last night.


Some of the food you could get at White Water Snacks, the quick service food place.




Loved the fireplace in the lobby.



Outside in the middle of the hotel where the monorail runs through.


I had booked us an early (5:30) dinner at ESPN Zone for two reasons. 1.) They had pasta on the menu 2.) LSU was playing that night. We walked in and it was chaos.


I wasn’t thinking about it being opening weekend for college football. They were telling people without reservations they didn’t know how long it would be.


We walk up, conformation number in hand, which they can’t find. WHAT? They asked if I made my reservations through Disney (yes) and I am not sure what difference that made, but they said they would put us at the top of the list.

Fifteen minutes later, no table. Girl at the front assures us we are next. Fifteen minutes later….no table. Bobby goes up again and is assured the same thing. Major fail. We finally get a table, and get to watch the game. I went to the bathroom, and got a huge laugh when I looked up and saw this above my stall. Wow.


After eating sub-par fettuccine alfredo, we headed back out into Downtown Disney to get dessert.


We first were going to go into the candy store after I saw these amazing candy apples.



But then Bobby spotted a Hagen Dazs and I got a caramel ice cream shake which was like drinking little drops of heaven. Amazing.



We sat outside and ate, people watching and enjoying the nice weather before heading back into the hotel (I LOVED how close everything was!)


I was actually in bed around 8:45, which made me happy since we had to get up at 3:50 for the half marathon the next morning. I thought I would have trouble sleeping but the jet lag and the day really caught up with me and I was out!

QOTD: Favorite pre race meal? For me it’s pasts or pizza. If you don’t run, what is your favorite thing to eat on vacation?

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11 Responses to Disneyland Day 1 Part 2

  1. 1
    Crystal says:

    You should have gone to storyteller’s for dinner…I love their spaghetti the night before the half!

    I always crack up too at the TV’s in the bathroom at ESPN…

  2. 2

    […] Comments 0   I left off my last Disneyland recap with lunch at Carnation Cafe which I highly recommend. You may be wondering why I only ate a bowl of soup for lunch, but don’t worry it was all a part of … Continue reading → …read more […]

  3. 3
    Amy says:

    Every time we’ve been in that ESPN Zone, it’s been chaos. Isn’t being able to walk to everything fantastic?! I LOVE Disneyland. It’s “home” for me. :)

  4. 4
    Karen :0) says:

    Great pictures! Glad y’all got in to ESPN but that sounds so frustrating! The TV in the bathroom stall made me laugh!

  5. 5
    Danielle says:

    Pasta the night before a race for me! I went to Naples in Downtown Disney before the DL Half, both the pasta and pizza were really good there!

    • 5.1
      Danielle says:

      Oh, and I think I ate about 4 Dole Whips inthe 5 days I was out there! I like the pineapple juice with the pineapple soft serve, but I still think they were different from the ones at WDW!

  6. 6

    I have the same pre-race meals as you! Lately, before my long runs I’ve been making homemade pizza on naan – ohhh it’s so good! Haha.

    That pasta dish made me want to jump through to screen! I love pasta :)

  7. 7
    Rach says:

    As always, looks like fun!

  8. 8
    Lesley says:

    I think I’d be afraid to eat of the candy apples. They look like works of art.

  9. 9

    […] left off my last Disneyland post with dinner and dessert before hitting the hay the night before the half marathon. Since I have […]

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