Disney Dream Part 3


Gggoooodddddd morning! The next day of our cruise was less eventful (Nassau day in which we stayed on the boat)  We woke up the next morning after Castaway Cay  pulling into Nassau. Having already been here, we decided to take advantage of a less crowded boat.


We ate breakfast at the Royal Palace


watched the ship dock


and rode the aquaduck! Funny story, my mom HATES roller coasters, anything of the sort. She hates the small drop on Pirates of the Caribbean. She was SO nervous about the aquaduck since it shoots you up and down. Two people ride together, they went after Bobby and I, and she screamed the whole way down. It was so cool to be above the ship looking out at the water! We then went to relax by the adult pool. of course all the chairs were taken so we went to the upper deck for an hour or so, then decided to head to the buffet to get lunch. After that, we did our shopping for souvenirs, and walked around the art galley where we both decided to get a cute print framed.



There are a bunch of hidden mickey’s in it that are fun to find, and the frame has Mickey’s all on it. We hung it by our staircase so I always see it coming down the stairs!

As the ship left we used my super duper zoom lens and got some good shots.



DSC_0424 DSC_0428

DSC_0429 DSC_0432

That night was pirate night, aaarrrggghhh! We are goofy and like to dress up and have fun with it.


I know I don’t match and I really don’t care. Just so you know. Smile


dad bought a sword in WDW so he would have one for pirate night. No lie.


DSC_0438 DSC_0439

DSC_0442 DSC_0443

Nice one Bobby…

we had time to kill before fireworks, so we went back to the room for awhile, and look what we found! a towel birthday cake for Bobby and a card from our room host. Just don’t eat the towel.


Fireworks at sea!

DSC_0449 DSC_0451

DSC_0453 DSC_0454

There was a buffet after, but I was too tired and full so I went back to the room to watch a movie and fall asleep. bobby, of course, went to the buffet and came back with a Turkey leg, fajitas, and some dessert…ha!

next up is Day at sea and Palo brunch!


So last night I was supposed to go on a run with TNT. It rained on and off all day and night, so I don’t even know if they ended up running. Bobby has been complaining of his back hurting all week, and that it was getting worse. It was so bad yesterday the only comfortable position was laying down. It hurt so bad to drive he could barely talk on the phone and had to pull over to get out and stand up on his way to work. I forced him to call a Dr. today and he finally found one who could see him today. Apparently it’s just a bad muscle strain but he is in bas shape and can barely walk, so I decided to stay home with him. Poor guy. They gave him some muscle relaxers and pain pills so hopefully it will start to heal!

So due to this I went out and ran an easy 2 by myself. in the rain. and the humidity. It was gggrrrooosss! I also did level one of 6 weeks to 6 pack. my abs are already getting flabby again. I worked to hard for that to happen!

QOTD: Would you rather have awful back pain or awful knee pain?

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7 Responses to Disney Dream Part 3

  1. 1
    Kayla says:

    I wouldn’t want to have either, but that is just me. If had to choose though, I wouldn’t want to have awful back pain, because the backs are so tricky if you have to have surgery or just a massage, etc.

  2. 2
    A.Leo says:

    Loving the cruise recaps! Did a lot of people dress up for the pirate party?

  3. 3
    Sara says:

    Cutest pirates ever! (also my dad has the EXACT same shirt your dad is wearing in the pirate pics)

  4. 4
    Amy Lauren says:

    I love the pictures! I don’t blame you for staying on the boat in Nassau, a lot of people actually did that on the last cruise we went on when we went there. Seems like every cruise ship goes there so if you’ve ever been on a cruise in the Caribbean you’ve been there! Plus the boat is less crowded, you are right!

    I’m glad Bobby is going to be okay and that it’s nothing too serious.

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    So fun! You look cute during pirate night. And I don’t blame you for not getting off in Nassau!

    Poor Bobby. I hope he feels better! I’ve had my back spasm like that really bad twice, and my neck once. It kills and you can’t move, and the only thing that helps is time! I’m sure he’ll feel better in a few days!

  6. 6
    Karen says:

    I think you matched just fine for pirate night! You look cute!!!! :0) I laughed when you said your dad bought a sword in WDW for pirate night! Awesome. Yay for fireworks….and Bobby? Really? A turkey leg and fajitas after dinner?! I think that boy has a hollow leg. Seriously.

  7. 7
    Rach says:

    Haha! Your poor mom…

    You are such a cute pirate! You guys look like you had a great time with pirate night!

    Can I say that I’d most rather be pain free??? Haha! I’ve never really had knee pain, but have had LOTS of nasty back pain lately so I feel like anything has to be better than that, but I’m sure knee pain is just as bad. Ick!

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