Disney Day 7 September 2011


On my last Disney post, we spend the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and then went to dinner at Ohana. The next day, Bobby and I headed to EPCOT. We headed straight for Soarin, got fastpasses, then stood in the 20 minute standby line. After that, we headed to test track and walked right on in the single rider line.


Then we walked back on through the single rider line again! Smile


Then we decided to walk around the world showcase. We had lunch reservations in Italy at Via Napoli, so we took our time heading in that direction.


This was my first time to eat here, and I really liked the bright airiness of the restaurant.


We ordered a big pizza, and ate the whole thing!


It was really getting hot out, so we decided to use our fastpasses for Soarin then head back to the hotel. We met up with our vacation buddies for appetizers in the lounge, then walked downstairs to Citrico’s for dinner. They had never been, so I was excited to show it to them.


Citrico’s is in my top three of favorite Disney restaurants, by the way. They have an amazing steak and great mashed potatoes. The atmosphere is fun and funky and the view is pretty.



Bobby decided since I made him dress up we were at LEAST taking pictures in our nice clothes!



It was time to go change and get ready for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party! That deserves a post all it’s own, so I will save it. Smile

QOTD: Do you ever use the single rider line in WDW?

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