Disney Cruise From Galveston Part 3


Hey everyone! Sorry I don’t have my Woman’s half marathon race recap up yet, I am waiting to get my photos uploaded and ready to go so hopefully tomorrow!

It’s time to announce the winner of my Under Armour giveaway!

I had over 300 entries into the giveaway, so thank you all for making it a huge success! The winner of the Armour bra is Jess from Run With Jess! (comment 10) Thanks so much to everyone for entering! Jess please e mail me at runningwithsass@gmail.com


Today will be the last installment of my Disney Cruise from Galveston. You can check out parts one and two before reading this one.

Our last port day was Cozumel. Bobby and I have been here twice before, and were excited to show it to my parents.


We headed to our favorite spot, Paradise Beach. We hadn’t been here since they put in their huge amazing pool, and it looks great. We headed to the beach and got some lounge chairs and ordered some drinks.



oh, dad.


After awhile, my mom paid for Bobby to have a wristband to go use the inflatable trampolines and climbing toys in the water, and he headed straight for the trampoline.


He did some flips, then decided to canon ball into the water.


If you look really closely, you can see the big mistake he made…Bobby jumped in wearing his Oakley sunglasses. I knew as soon as he came up. he started looking around, going underwater, and my stomach dropped. Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees around here, and those were expensive sunglasses I got him for our anniversary and they weren’t even a year old. He stayed out about 20 minutes, then came in and got some snorkel gear and went back out there. We watched from the beach, praying the whole time that he would find them. Poor Bobby spent almost an hour out there, and I finally had to make him stop, I knew they were long gone. I convinced him to go enjoy the other stuff out in the water, and not let it ruin his day.


After awhile, we got hot and hungry, and decided to go up to the pool area and eat lunch in the shade by the pool.


Gorgeous view from our table

They had a cool fan, too



I had some really yummy quesadillas


We enjoyed our lunch then decided to relax in the pool for a bit. It was so nice and refreshing. After awhile we decided to take a cab back to the port, we were beat!


beautiful landscaping by the pool.

I let Bobby borrow my sunglasses because his blue eyes are way more sensitive than mine.


When we got back on the boat, my mom wanted to go straight to the hot tub because her shoulders were hurting from being so tense on our jeep ride in Costa Maya. We almost didn’t go, but decided to go for a few minutes. We headed to the adult pool and jumped in the hot tub. Then we relaxed in some chairs and a couple about my parents age came and sat next to her. (I promise I am going somewhere with this, keep reading…)

We struck up a conversation with them because my dad and Bobby went and got us ice cream cones and my dad got one for the lady because her husband had gotten one and didn’t get one for his wife so my dad being the nice guy he is, got the lady an ice cream cone.

So, we all start talking, and come to find out they were at Paradise beach as well that day. Out of the blue, the man starts talking about how him and his wife were on a kayak way out past the far buoy, and they found a pair of sunglasses floating in the water. My mom and dad immediately jump up and scream and ask if they were black Oakleys.

YYYYYEEESSSS!!! THEY HAD FOUND BOBBY’S SUNGLASSES!!!! We could NOT believe it. the lady had them in her backpack and gave them back to us, what a miracle! We were in utter disbelief, we thought they were long gone. Scroll up tot eh photo of Bobby jumping on the trampoline…see the couple in the foreground on the kayak? THAT’S THEM! What are the odds. Seriously. We all (the couple included) said a prayer of thanks, it was DEFINITELY a God thing, and a good reminder to us that even when things are out of our power and control, HE is still able to do things that we can’t. It was so cool, we were on a high the rest of the day. We ended up chatting with the couple and this grown son for a long time, it was just a great day!


It was semiformal night at dinner, which also meant lobster night.



The next day was out last day, a day at sea.


We went to the movie theater and saw a movie, went to the gym, took naps, watched movies in our stateroom, and just enjoyed the ship.


We enjoyed our last dinner, and said farewell to the Disney Magic.


Until next time, see ya real soon!

Thanks for reading and looking at my photos. Next I will recap my November WDW trip leading up to the Wine and Dine half marathon.

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  2. 2
    Kierston says:

    You look fantastic! I wanna go on a cruise now!

  3. 3
    Carol Landry says:

    Ok, now that’s a great story! Yes, God is always watching out for us.

  4. 4
    bethp262 says:

    What a great story about the sunglasses! Very cool!!
    Also, this post really makes me want to do a Disney cruise! I never thought seriously of doing one before because in my mind I pictured a ship full of screaming kids, but you are definitely showing that it can be a fun vacation for people without kids.

  5. 5
    Eric says:

    Amazing story about your husband’s Oakleys.

  6. 6

    Wow… the odds of that happening. Paradise Beach sounds amazing. Will have it on my to-do list if we ever return to Cozumel.

  7. 7

    Holy crap – SO EXCITED that I won!! yeah!
    We would like to do a Disney cruise sometime with the kids – but I gotta admit the whole “middle of the ocean” thing scares me… LOL

  8. 8
    Jeanne Derr says:

    Where do you find your dresses???? You look so beautiful!! So happy your husband got back his sunglasses!!!

  9. 9
    Caroline says:

    I’m so glad your husband got his glasses back; what a funny story!! It looks like you had a great place to go swimming!! The water looks absolutely amazing.

  10. 10
    Karen :0) says:

    So crazy that those people found Bobby’s sunglasses but thank goodness!! I love it when God sends us those little reminders! Yay! :0)

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