Cream Cheese Danish


Afternoon! I just got off the elliptical and am contemplating a run as well. I am so unmotivated right now! I thought while I contemplated I would share a recipe with you. I made this for breakfast Christmas morning and we ate it and drank mimosas. it was fabulous! This can be served hot or cold (I like it better hot!)

Cream Cheese Danish


-2 cans crescent dinner rolls

-1 and 1/2 cups sugar

-1 tsp vanilla flavoring

-2   8 oz packages of cream cheese (I use reduced fat)

-1 egg

-1 cup chopped pecans

-1/2 stick butter


preheat oven to 350.

spread one can of dough in greased 9 x 13 baking dish, pressing together seams and pushing to corners of pan.

Mix cream cheese, 1 c sugar, egg, and vanilla until a spreading consistency.

Spread mix over rolls.

Open second can of rolls and put on top like you did the first.

mix rest of sugar and pecans and sprinkle over tops.

Melt and drizzle butter over sugar and pecans.

Bake at 350 for 25 min or until golden brown.

I did pecans on half in case someone didn’t like or want nuts.



QOTD: What do you eat Christmas morning?

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23 Responses to Cream Cheese Danish

  1. 1

    It’s ironic that Christmas morning was the only time we didn’t do a real brunch… just leftovers/make your own (we were in a hurry to open presents and then be off to the family gatherings!).

    Cream cheese… my friend introduced me to a new dip that uses it. The dip may or may not be life changing. Sigh…

  2. 2
    divasrun says:

    That looks so good! I make eggnog waffles for b’fast on Christmas morning. This year, however, I made pumpkin waffles b/c I ran out of eggnog. :-O

  3. 3
    Kayla says:

    This looks tasty! I love all the recipes you put up. I am slowly adding to my recipe book with all the good recipes that I find.

  4. 4

    I always make overnight french toast for Christmas breakfast. This year it was extra yummy because I used cinnamon swirl bread from Great Harvest. Beyond amazing.

  5. 5
    Karen says:

    I made homemade cinnamon rolls! :0) They were yummy! Your danish looks good too! :0)

  6. 6
    Crystal says:

    This sounds freaking amazing. If I had not made the can of crescents tonight, I so would have done this in the morning. I wonder if I could halve the recipe with my one remaining can of crescents…?

  7. 7
    Brittney says:

    I’ve made a recipe very similar to this and then you cut the whole thing into bars and serve them that way. My office calls them “crack bars” because they are like crack they are so good!

  8. 8
    Katherine says:

    I love that recipe too! In my hometown they call it “Sopapilla Cheesecake” (what can I say, Oklahoma is sort of close to Texas???). I have never put nuts in it before though- I will have to try it.

  9. 9

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  10. 10
    Crystal says:

    Ok, it was amazing…addicting, too! Might cut back on the butter and sugar topping next time though…

  11. 11

    […] I make a cream cheese danish for Christmas morning breakfast that’s […]

  12. 12

    […] Then, I made breakfast like every year, cream cheese Danish. […]

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