Castaway Cay take…3?

Ok so I figured it has been a couple weeks since I updated the pictures fom my cuise, so I thought I would shae more today, especially because it is raining here now and I wish I was there!
here are a couple pictures from lunch on the island I forgot to post
They had fresh fruit, ribs, hot dogs, salad, etc.

after lunch we took the tram up to the main beach to see what was going on and to buy some souvineers. You didn’t have to carry them with you, you just bought them and then picked them up on the ship that evening which was nice.

I had to try out the hat.

By about 2:30 we had had enough, 6 hours in the sun is a long time! So we packed up and headed back to the tram. I took a pic with these guys

We got cleaned up and went and sat in the adults area and just relaxed until time to get ready for dinner.

Ok photobucket and I do not get along, so that’s all for now. At least I finally got through Castaway Cay!

I may do some yoga later tonight, and for sure run tomorrow! Have a good night all!
Also, don’t forget Caitlin from Operation Beautiful will be on the 8:30 eastern hour of the Today show tomorrow morning!

QOTD: What is your favorite fruit?

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    Christel says:

    Wow again! Everytime you post new pictures of the Castaway Cay trip, it makes me want to go there even more. :)

    And my favorite fruit at the moment. I would have to go with raspberries and strawberries. :) Jummy! :)

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    I LOVE cruises!! I’ve been on 2, and they are my favorite type of vacation, just because there are so many different things you can do, and places you can explore….not to mention the amazing food! I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise though…

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