Is everyone else singing an awesome Brittney Spears song in their head right now? It’s ok, I am too. If you have been reading RWS for awhile, you know I take thyroid medication. In case you missed this, check out my thyroid story post. Anyway, I have been on my meds for two months, and my doctor wanted to do a second test to see if my dosage needed to be altered. I told him my hair had been falling out a lot, and so he did some further testing, and the result was…my body is toxic. Huh? Yes, this involves food, but that’s for another post. Also, more importantly, it has to do with chemicals entering my body from the air, cleaning products, shower water, laundry detergents, etc.

Luckily, before I had the test I had already ordered a special water filter for my shower. (More on that on Friday). Which I knew would help. I started doing some research and realized a lot of products I use either for personal hygiene or cleaning purposes are doing my body harm. I guess it’s one of those things I always “knew” but didn’t realize how much it was hurting me.


When I went to the store yesterday I decided to buy some Burt’s Bee’s lotion, night cream, and moisturizer. It’s a small step, but a step in the right direction. What else am I planning on doing? A few things actually! Since I am cheap, some of these products will have to wait until I run out of the current product. I don’t want to waste!


Antibacterial Hand soap: In my research, I found antibacterial soaps may have harmful chemicals that interfere with your bodies good cells and can negatively affect certain systems of the body.

Laundry items: Seventh Generation products are made of plant-derived cleaning agents. It is free of dyes and synthetic materials, and and is non irritating to the skin. Some detergents and dryer sheets can negatively affect the sinus cavities and other parts/systems of your body. I have never used seventh generation but I am very curious and interested to try!

cleaning products: Obviously regular cleaning solutions have lots of ingredients I can not pronounce. I guess I should have taken a hint when the chemicals make my eyes burn and leaves a strong smell in the bathrooms for hours after I clean them. Seventh generation carries a lot of products such as dishwashing liquid, toilet bowl cleaner, and all purpose cleaner.

air fresheners:  When you spray air fresheners into the air, you are releasing chemicals to just float around in the air which you inhale, ingest, etc. Some studies suggest air fresheners can be harmful to growing infants.

air: Bobby and I have two air purifiers we have had for years. Honestly, it’s a pain to have to clean them all the time so they have been turned off for awhile, but they are back on now.


Now, with all that being said, I do not plan to go to the extreme and rid my house of everything with a scent or chemical, but I am going to slowly make a few changes and see how it affects my health. Hopefully my hair will start falling out and my body won’t be as toxic!


Went to the gym again yesterday and did triceps and chest weights, as well as 30 minutes on the bike. Will be hitting it again today, before my crazy weekend starts!

In totally unrelated news, our house made the front webpage of our neighborhood. I have no idea who took the picture but I love it!



QOTD: What are your thoughts on natural items such as these? Do you use any of these? Tell me what does and doesn’t work for you.

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    I am totally with you on beauty/cleaning products being harmful. I use Shaklee cleaning products – they are so awesome. One order of a “starter” kit, although kind of pricey, lasts FOREVER!!! Seriously, look into them.

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      PS – are you seeing a holistic doctor for your thyroid problems?

      • 1.1.1
        Heather says:

        sorta. From my personal experience and from research i have found, “regular” doctors are so ingrained in school and their little book of pills to only give the other medicine (plus a lot of them get kickbacks from pharm reps so they push the other pill on people) but armour is natural which i really like. It’s hard to find a dr. that will even prescribe armour and it frustrates a lot of people who could get a lot of help from it. when i went to my regular dr. a couple weeks ago for an unrelated issue I told her I was taking armour and she looked at me like I had two heads (shes a very young dr.) and not all nervous and said “I don’t prescribe that you know!” it was…weird…

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    Megan says:

    I have often wondered about our cleaning products – especially since finding out I’m allergic to practically everything! We did ask our doctor about air purifiers – he said some people swear by them, others say they don’t help. (Weird…I know…) We use a dye-free detergent also because B Lee reacts to any other detergent. I’m excited to see what your outcome is — I may look into those as well!

    I also agree with Chelsey – we have some Shaklee products and love them!

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      Heather says:

      I had an air purifier in my room growing up from sharper image, then when bobby and I were dating he bought one from brookstone so now we have two!

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    KristynKG says:

    We just bought a floor steamer to use at the new house instead of a mop and cleaning products for the floors. I am hoping to switch to more natural cleaning and eating as we move into the new house and start fresh because we have to completely restock.
    I am interested to hear more about this “toxic” body and what impact it has on our lives, so please share more when you can :)
    We are on a well (500′ deep). Should we look into the water filter for the showers or is it mainly for municipal water that adds loads of chemicals?

    • 3.1
      Heather says:

      hhmm I dont know. I just know this thing takes out 90% of the chlorine in water. apparently we get more toxins in our skin by our bathing water than what we drink! scary to think about.

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    Yup, totally singing Brittney right now… haha

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    Sam says:

    i try to buy more natural cleaning products, but that bleachy clean smell is so ingrained in me that i drift back towards “bad” products as i feel like they do a better job. i need to be retrained!

    found you through fitfluential :)

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    Andrea says:

    Your house looks so cute!! I love it. Happy Holidays Heather! Love your blog – I read it all the time.
    take care

  7. 7
    Kate says:

    Seventh Generation is good for cleaning products as is Meyers or Dr. Bonners – or vinegar! Origins for body/face products, and I love Tarte brand mascara. Green Beaver for lotion… I found the book Ecoholic really helpful when switching over

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    Toni Pauls says:

    Wow I had no idea you also had thyroid problems. I also have thyroid problems which I believe that and of course my anxiety meds contribute to my weight but I am working on being much healthier and I really want to join a gym or get an eliptical. I love those things!! I am also on meds for it. This is great about products that can be toxic. I truly believe this is why there is so much cancer in the world. I have heard Burt’s Bees products are great. I think I will look into them!

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    We stopped using a lot of household cleaners a while ago just because it’s better for the environment. We clean almost exclusively with a diluted white vinegar mix in a spray bottle. You’d be amazed at how easily it cleans the kitchen, bathroom, etc! And so cheap!! In the event we really, really need to sanitize something, we have a small bottle of diluted bleach but we don’t use that unless we have to. There are a ton of great ideas on the internet for homemade cleaners! Saves a lot of money and is better for you and the environment!

  10. 10
    Tara Burner says:

    In my house I only use natural cleaning supplies including laundry detergent as well as shampoo/conditioner/soap
    I dont wear makeup so nothing to deal with there
    and I have filters on showers and pretty much nothing comes in this place that my daughter and I use that’s not natural

    on side note I’m soooo envious of your house…
    love it!

  11. 11
    Merisa says:

    I have been slowly converting over to as much natural stuff as I can for awhile now. Like you, I’m cheep though so its been a slow conversion. I LOVE burts bees and around here there are a lot of gift sets you can get right now for a better deal because of christmas.

  12. 12
    Emily says:

    Totally singing Britney right now!!

    When you start thinking about all the chemicals that appear in everything you really start to think. I haven’t converted too much – although I do use Seventh Generation.

  13. 13

    Hi Heather, I also have thyroid problems – but I’m curious about what they tested you for to determine toxic levels. I get a lot of blood drawn but I can’t remember my doctor mentioning that…

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