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Hello friends! I am back to my vlogging today, and this time it’s not just me staring into the camera. Well…the first part is but that’s ok. Below you will find three videos. The first is the introduction to what I am doing. The second is a video explaining our running trails and village green area. The third is a tour of the actual YMCA in my neighborhood.

I am sure you are aware that my state, Mississippi, is the most obese in the nation. However, there are plenty of active and healthy things to do here if you look hard enough. I am going to start showcasing these things, and thought my neighborhood Y would be a good place to start.

(check out the site before the building was built)

Intro to what I am planning to do and why:

Village green and running trails:

YMCA tour: I decided to go in right when they opened as not to disturb gym goers. The only people working out were the other employees, and I got their permission.

Thanks for watching!

QOTD: If you had to do a vlog to share a healthy location in your city, what would you vlog about?

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14 Responses to Tour of the YMCA Vlog

  1. 1
    Tara Burner says:

    wish our Y’s were nice like that…I dont even know where the closest one to me is…pretty sure it’s in a not so good neighborhood

    and honestly hmmmm I dont know where I’d vlog…which is sad since I’m in S. FL and you’d think there’d be someplace I’m impressed with yet I haven’t run into that location yet!

    maybe the park where they have bike trails, running paths, horse paths and a playground…

    hmm can you tell I dont get out much?! lol

  2. 2
    Caroline says:

    Great idea for this series! Your YMCA looks like a great place to work out, and it’s nice you have some good running paths around your community, even if it isn’t enough for the long runs!

  3. 3

    I LOVE this idea. I feel like mine would be the streets of NYC! We all do so much walking!

  4. 4

    What kind of trees are those? They look beautiful? As to the local vlog, we’ve done one on the butterfly glen and on the local beach cliffs.

  5. 5
    Megan says:

    I can’t believe you have such amazing running trails and a Y so close to your house!!! How fun! The Y looks really nice – and I’m excited to see what classes they bring for you to try :)

  6. 6
    janetha says:

    I can’t watch the vids right now–but I will just imagine them 😉 Utah is actually a pretty great state for outdoor activity.. in the winter we have skiing/snowboarding and in the summer there is awesome hiking/wakeboarding. I’d probably head to the mountains for a vlog. XOXO

  7. 7
    misszippy says:

    Fun! I love that you can get there so quickly. Now one question from a dumb northerner–are there crocs in that lake?! Beautiful Y.

    • 7.1
      Heather says:

      haha no crocs…but snakes for sure. we hold a sprint tri here in the spring, and I cringe when everyone jumps into the lake for the swim portion…My husband killed a 5 foot snake next to that lake!

  8. 8

    If there are crocs in the lake, then you can add “obstacle course” to the list of fun and natural activities in your area. I am not a huge YMCA fan as I think they should pay taxes like every other business, but I am glad you have a nice place to work out! Be sassy!

  9. 9

    WOW! your Y is soooo much smaller than mine. It’s so different! The only thing that is exactly alike is those BRIGHT BLUE shirts that the staff has to wear! haha

    • 9.1
      Heather says:

      Haha. Its a “neighborhood family ymca ” so while its open to the communitty…its mainly for the residents. There is another BIG ymca about 20 minutes down the road that the actual employees for ours come from. :) they plan to add to it as it grows, too, but since my neighborhood is 10-15 min from civilization, they didn’t want to put too much money into it to start.

  10. 10

    […] after 8:15, and our plan was to do our usual six mile loop, then head home and go into the gym (it’s in our neighborhood) and run three miles on the […]

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