Scream Like a Girl


It’s Twilight time! and, AND, not only am I hoping Bobby will take me to see the movie soon…but we got to see the Hunger Games trailer this week too. Two of my favorite current book series turned movies, all over the news this week, and I am ready to scream like a little girl!

I loved reading the Twilight series, (and plan to read it again soon) but I must admit…I am almost more excited about the Hunger Games coming out in March than I a about Breaking Dawn, just a LITTLE more excited…still totally psyched about my favorite vampires though.



I will admit though, I have really geeked out about all things Hunger Games as of late. Did you know I am a citizen of District 12? That’s right, I am that cool.


You can get your ID badge and find out your district at this Hunger Games Capitol website! And now 12 year olds everywhere have something in common with me. I hope they release a second trailer before the movie comes out.

There are also some pictures in Vanity Fair as well, I love this one!



How cool to be cast in a movie series that you just know is going to be huge. These kids will be forever changed, how cool is that? I love it when someone in a movie becomes a big star and came from just a regular average family, and didn’t grow up in Hollywood or New York City. Gives hope for the rest of us average Joe’s, huh?


Yesterday morning, I tried to go for my first run in two weeks. I was really excited about getting back out on the pavement. It was a beautiful day, and I have really missed running. I felt great until I hit a downhill right before 2 miles…and my foot started slightly hurting. Boo!! I finished out the two miles and called it a day, feeling slightly defeated. Hopefully just a little more time is all I need. I need to get back to training! Luckily the YMCA opens TODAY so I will be able to walk to the gym for my workouts. So even if I can’t run, I can lift and cross train my booty off. I will have pictures of the grand opening tomorrow!

QOTD: Have you seen breaking Dawn yet? If so how was it? Are you excited for the Hunger Games? What are you dying to see the most in either movie? (Breaking Dawn or Hunger Games?)

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5 Responses to Scream Like a Girl

  1. 1

    I saw it last night – THE BEST one so far. It was so so sooo good.

  2. 2
    Kerrie T. says:

    I think I’m the only person who doesn’t like Twilight. And, even though I know The Hunger Games is probably excellent, I’m staying away because I don’t want to get sucked (no pun intended) in.

    Hope your foot behaves itself!

  3. 3
    Megan says:

    Ummm…I’m screaming like a girl too! We are going to see Breaking Dawn next weekend – I figured we would wait until the chaos died down a bit :)

    I love that books are becoming movies as well – but the books are ALWAYS better. Always. And I did my ‘Capitol Badge’ and I’m from District 4 – Fishing. Do they not realize that I hate putting a worm on a hook or taking a fish off that hook? 😉

  4. 4
    Msmander87 says:

    I love both these series and i really dont know which im more excited for! I tried to do a badge on my phone but it wouldnt let me! Maybe bc i did it on my phone, so i’ll try it on my laptop tonight!

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