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Yay for a three day weekend! Memorial Day totally snuck up on me! The month I take a vacation in always seems so short…where did May go? I hope you all have fun weekend plans. Since we have literally been going the past four weekend, we are staying home and being low key. Cleaning, yard work, BBQ, church, date night, and hopefully some good workouts.


Speaking of workouts, today I want to introduce you to the pure 2 raw twins Lori and Michelle (as if they need an introduction!) I have had the pleasure of meeting these sweet girls, and I can attest they are just as nice in real life as they are on their awesome blog. Can we say bakery?!?


1. Why did you start blogging?

We started blogging as a way for us to track our own health and fitness progress. We wanted to help others that might be suffering from food allergies or digestive issues like we did.  We share about what we learn, any new products we have tried and are loving, and just overall health and fitness topics. Our blog was also a way for us to help promote our bakery – Twin Cakes Bakery.

2. Describe your blog:

Pure2raw has changed a lot of the two years.  It is now a place where we share everything from recipes, to health topics (like adult acne), to fitness, and even photography. Pure2raw is a fun, positive, sometimes serious, and honest place where we love being able to connect with others.  On pure2raw we hope to inspire others to move, to sweat, and have fun while doing it.

3. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog?

We hope to accomplish with our blog is helping out as many people as we can. Whether that is inspiring them to try a new food, like raw chocolate cheesecake, or encouraging them to challenge themselves and do something outside of their comfort zone. We encourage others to have an open mind and do not be afraid of trying something new, be willing to make mistakes, and most importantly learn something new about themselves! We hope with our daily posts we can help others live their life to the fullest.

4. What is your greatest healthy living accomplishment?

Our biggest healthy living accomplishment was running two full marathons and a few half marathons. We never thought of ourselves as runners and never would have imagined us running marathons. It was a fun goals we had plus it was good sister bonding experience. Currently we do not run, but do enjoy other healthy living accomplishments through doing challenges like holding plank!

Thanks so much girls! Everyone please be sure to follow these lovely ladies on Twitter: @pure2raw and go to their blog and say hello!

QOTD: What is a hobby that you have developed over the past 5 years you never thought you would do?

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    thanks girl for featuring us!!!
    love you!

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