Runner’s Christmas Gift Guide

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa just called me and wants to know what I think would be good Christmas gifts for all the runners on the nice list this year! I told him I would ask my readers, which I did, and here are the responses you gave me!


Katie has a Garmin, ipod armband, sunblock, and other small essentials on her list.



One Small Town Girl says reflection gear is the way to go.  Particularly Brooks Nightlife hat and LED flashers as well as sweaty bands.



Katy has Garmin, Fuel (Chomps, Stingers, Gel, etc), socks, a good sports bra, running clothes (shirts, pants, etc), iTunes gift card (to download music for runs), and gift cards for running stores on her list



Paige is all about CEP compressions socks and the new Timex GPS watch. Maybe, one day, it’s going to be wooden watches, adventurous types are unpredictable.



Stacy says a race entry would be a great gift, along with running gloves, a hat, Chomps, itunes card, and crazy socks.



Michelle agrees with the others that a Garmin is the way to go, as well as a

Running Skirts skirt, Nike capris, GU Performance Pack, CEP Compression socks, and a Spibelt



Courtney is a new runner, and she thinks any clothing items (skirts, shirts, socks, shoes, etc) would benefit as well as a spibelt, garmin, gift certificates, and running food related items or water bottles.



Ali swears by Lululemon (of which I sadly own none of but would love to!!)



Kimberly has a great list formed:

* A new pair of running shoes

*  nice running socks or compression socks

* compression knee shorts

*Road I.D.

*I love receiving different kinds of gels/fuel to try


Crystal has one of my favorite wishes on her list, an Allied Steel hanger for all of your race bling. I have been drooling over these for a long time now!!

Rockstar Female 12

Elizabeth has CEP compression sleeves at the top of her list


Lily thinks a Garmin and Nike tempo shorts should be on your list.



Bethany enjoys trail running and wants you to check out to see what they have to put on your wish list.


Jen has some great stocking stuffer ideas including GU, Body Glide, and running socks.



Everyone came up with some great ideas that I am sure any runner would love to have! My personal favorites I would love to unwrap would be

-Allied Metal Hanger

Lululemon Gift Card

-Compression socks


-iTunes Gift card skirt

-Race Registration


Talk about make me a happy girl! I hope this gift guide help you formulate your own wish list as well as help with shopping for your fellow running friends and family! Happy Shopping!

QOTD: What is your favorite thing on this list?


*I was not paid to post about these products nor was I given any free products to write about for this particular post. (As much as I would love to have gotten some of these cool things!)

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29 Responses to Runner’s Christmas Gift Guide

  1. 1

    My favorite item on the list is a Garmin. My hubby knew how much I wanted one, so he got the Forerunner 405 (green) for me. AND he gave it to me early so I could enjoy the nicer temperatures with it. I still haven’t brought myself to run in the freezing cold (plus I have no winter running clothes.

  2. 2
    Crystal says:

    You have my suggestion on here, the Allied medal hanger, but I also love the race registration. That would be an awesome gift…especially if it was for GOOFY! 😉

  3. 3
    Katy says:

    So glad that I made it into your post! 😉

    I’ve been eyeballing the medal hanger too! :)

  4. 4
    Becky says:

    I must say, I’m partial to all things lulu. Their clothes would be a great gift because everything is way too pricey for me to buy on a regular basis. I also love the idea of fuel, socks, sunblock, or Body Glide. Those little things add up! This is a great list!

  5. 5
    Christel says:

    A race registration would be a great gift! Also anything reflection!

  6. 6
    Karen says:

    Good job compiling this list! :0) I like it all!

  7. 7

    Love this! Santa better send a Lulu gift card my way :)

  8. 8

    I was excited to see that I made it into your post. :) I love the list… I have never looked at the stuff at Lululemon. I need to check it out ASAP!

  9. 9
    Brandi says:

    Basically, I want EVERY single item listed 😉
    No, but seriously, the Garmin is the ultimate runner gift. My husband got me one for my birthday so I have on my Christmas list the road id, CEP compression socks (I have Zensah but they arent tight enough), medal hanger, and itunes GC.

  10. 10
    the dawn says:

    i’m going to have to forward this list to all my family who keeps asking what they should get me. great job!

  11. 11

    I don’t like the metal hanger slogans. I’d be all over getting one, but I think they’re all too cheesy.

    I did ask for a Lululemon gift card for Christmas. I want to try the Ta Ta Tamer bra.

  12. 12

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  13. 13
    elizabethlacy says:

    You listed my compression sleeves desire! That was cool to see. :)

  14. 14
    Michelle says:

    I have a ton of Lululemon and run in ONLY that! It’s pricey, but holds up really well, is comfy and stylish :)

    I got a Garmin FR60 watch – the only Garmin watch that isn’t GPS, but still does intervals, pace, distance and heart rate!

  15. 15

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  16. 16

    I may be partial, but I believe that my new book — Gratitude Power for Runners and Walkers — is a great gift this 2011 holiday season.

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