Round Two


For some reason, my body is not liking me right now. I alluded to it in some previous posts, but I am having foot trouble again. It started a couple weeks ago, very very dull small ache on the top of my foot. We went out of town to the beach and I decided not to run at all until I got back.  Well, we got back and I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. My foot didn’t “hurt”, and was by no means debilitating, but it ached a bit when I landed certain ways and I could “feel” my foot if that makes sense to anyone. I took a day off, then tried again yesterday, same thing. I am quite frustrated, at this point, and don’t think going back to the doctor will do anything for me.


I have decided to take 2 weeks off of running, and I am wearing my boot when I am at the house, and wearing running shoes when I leave the house. I am really hoping after two weeks I will feel better and be able to go again, because the Disneyland half is coming up so soon. Last time I hurt my foot, it was all out excruciating pain before I decided to go to the doctor, so hopefully I caught it early. I can jump up and down, bend my toes, etc. with no pain. I can’t quite explain it but it’s certain movements and sometimes just sitting still it will ache, and it hurts more barefoot then when I am in shoes (which I hardly notice in sneakers).

This is totally not what I had in mind to kick off my fall racing season, and I am really hoping it won’t put me behind the 8 ball to reach my race goals. For the next two weeks, I am going to lift weights, ride the bike, and try not to stress out.

2012-02-07 12.05.36

This leads me to my next concern, shoes. There are SO MANY different opinions. Some say you should wear minimalist shoes when you seem to get injuries like this, some say NOT to wear minimalist shoes and wear more supportive ones, and so on and so forth. I have been running happily in my Newtons for just under 300 miles.


One thing I did read is that overpronators tend to have issues with flattening out of feeling/falling arches, which can lead to pulling on the top of the foot and pain from it. Anyone have any issues with this where a change in footwear was all it took? I pronate big time and am wondering if that’s why barefoot hurts more than when wearing more supportive running shoes when walking around the house.  I don’t think it’s a stress fracture because it doesn’t hurt badly and I thought bones hear stronger and so it would be hard to get one in the same place?

QOTD: Anyone have experience with this? help!

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    […] Comments 0   For some reason, my body is not liking me right now. I alluded to it in some previous posts, but I am having foot trouble again. It started a couple weeks ago, very very dull small ache on the … Continue reading → …read more […]

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    Carissa says:

    Oh yuck! You’re smart resting…why are we just falling apart? I “may” be at Disneyland in Sept so we’ll have to meet up and meet up with healthy bodies!

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    Ami G says:

    Smart girl…take care of yourself now and hopefully avoid a bigger problem. One suggestion…when your two weeks are up head to a real running store and have them fit you for new shoes…a good running store will have you run on a treadmill and watch your stride as well as how your foot lands and then choose shoes that are right for you. They will also have you run in each pair you try on. It is a time consuming process but well worth it!

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      Heather says:

      I’m going to. I have had it done twice before, but maybe something has changed? I’m not sure!

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        Ami G says:

        It is entirely possible that the shoes you wear (other than the Newton’s since they are still so new) were redesigned by the company…that doesn’t mean they are better for you and still meet your specific shoe needs! It is also possible that your running stride has changed a bit over time and you now need a different shoe. Good luck…I will be interested to hear what you end up with!

          Ami G says:

          I can’t remember where it came from but I read a quote that said
          it is actually harder to get to the starting line than to get to the finish line!

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    The Linz says:

    I agree with Ami — once you are able to run again you should have your gait checked out at your local running store just to be sure. From looking at your Newtons in the picture it looks like you might be running in the Neutral Lady Issac, but if you overpronate you might do better in the Lady Issac S (which will provide a little more support and structure for an overpronator). I do hope that your foot heels soon. I know running injuries can be super frustrating. Keep up the positive attitude, and hopefully you will be back on your feet in no time!

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    Jen says:

    It seriously makes zero sense why you’ve had such bad luck with injuries. I hate it for you. Fingers crossed you heal soon and you can have an enjoyable race experience in Disneyland!

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    Gina says:

    I’m a total over pronator and when I tried to go to a lower drop shoe in February I had knee problems within two weeks (my knee actually swelled up to baseball size). I run in an 8 mm drop and I can’t go any lower which bums me because all of the adorable running shoes are minimalist. I hope your foot heals and that it’s just a matter of switching shoes but don’t avoid the doctor, go if you need to.

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    AmyC says:

    Nothing against running store’s evaluating gaits, but I have found a lot of inconsistency. I let my PT/Chiro make that call for me.

    Your symptoms sound like something a friend of mine went through…have you tried rolling your foot? She just used frozen juice cans.

    Hope you feel better soon!

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    Mary Beth says:

    I had a stress fracture last fall and had to back out of doing a half marathon. I know what you feel about “feeling” it. I sometimes feel my stress fracture (I am training for a full right now), not pain but, I feel it. So, I tend to back off on miles and do some cross training. I think that you are doing the right thing by backing off, it will be better for your training and for your foot. It is very hard when you have already worked so hard and have to back off but, it is better than not being able to do anything at all. Good luck and I hope your foot feels better soon.

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    Lesley says:

    Yuck! I know it’s hard not to stress, but hang in there. I also overpronate and I have high arches – I wasn’t exactly blessed with the best mechanics. I can only wear Asics since my feet start hurting if I switch shoes. I agree with AmyC to roll your foot, and also try to stretch both your feet. I’ve done it in yoga and never realized how tight my feet were until that exercise.

  10. 10

    BOO! Dang running injuries that like to keep making appearances. You know I feel ya. And you’re doing the right thing. Hope it heals up asap for you!

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    L-Train says:

    Just wanted to chime in on your shoe selection. I have totally flat feet and run ~70mpw. I’ve run in the Asics Gel Kayano for as long as I can remember (buying them in bulk when they go on sale at the end of each season!), and *knock on wood* have never had any injury issues. They are on the pricey side ($150 on Zappos and $240 here in Canada), but totally worth it in my opinion if they keep you healthy, and aside from race registration it’s the only money I spend on running.

  12. 12

    I wish I had some experience with that injury to help you out. If you need help with IT band, plantar fasciitis or piriformis syndrome….call me LOL. But seriously, I hope you get some relief soon!

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    I’m sorry that you’re having problems again. You’re smart to take the time off.

    I’m not a proponent of minimalist shoes. Seems like over the years, when I had problems it was because I fell in love with a lightweight, non-supportive shoe. I know there are true believers out there, but I stick with my supportive, heavy running shoes and haven’t had feet problems for years.

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    Mindy Bobe says:

    So sorry Heather! Injuries are for the birds! Great job playing it smart and taking rest time. I know that’s tough. I agree with rolling your foot…I roll everyday and I really think it helps rehabilitate and prevent injury.

  15. 15

    oh no! i’m no help but i’ll be thinking of you! sounds like you’re doing all the right things!

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    Laura says:

    What a bummer! This was good timing, as my shin is acting out too and I’m being a little stubborn, while what I think I really need is to take a solid 2 weeks off like you.
    I love the idea of minimalist shoes, but like you, my body needs a little more support. Especially if you’re an overpronator and/or have flat feet, that extra stability can be really helpful. Every time I try to ease into more minimalist shoes, my body has rebelled. I’m not giving up yet, but we also have to find what works for US, regardless of the trends and our (my) interest in the barefoot movement.

    • 16.1
      Heather says:

      That has to be it…I have done tons of research and there is no other reason why i should be having this problem aside from a slight leg length discrepancy, but I have ran with that for years and no problems.

  17. 17

    I know it sucks, but you are totally doing the right thing resting so it does not get worse.

  18. 18
    Karen says:

    I am SO sorry, friend!! I know it will get better and I know you will have a blast in Disneyland! Feel better!

  19. 19
    Chris says:

    I’m in the exact same boat (and exact same boot, in fact). Hang in there. :(

  20. 20

    Oh no! I hope all the resting works and that you are all healed up for Disney.

    It seems like there is lots of shoe talk today. So many different opinions, you just have to do what works for your body.

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    Some great advice above. Whether it is a running store (get more than one opinion) or a Chiro/Pt looking at your feet, that needs to be done. I overpronate and wear a high stability shoe. Going from that to minimalist (or reducing closer to a neutral) would thrash my knees/feet/legs. It definitely needs to be a slow process and additional strength needs to be built. (working new muscles, etc).

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • 21.1
      Heather says:

      I did work in my minimilist shoes for many months and ran many months in them pain free, so I don’t think it’s the shoes b/c of breaking in reasons, I just think b/c I overpronate so badly I need something with more stability and it finally caught up to me. Major bummer.

  22. 22

    Ugh, nothing more frustrating than an undiagnosed injury. My advice is to find an experienced practitioner, be it a physical therapist, chiropractor, someone who can assess your injury and diagnose the problem and treatment. All of us can comment and speculate but you really need some hands-on advice. Until then I’d recommend ice and heat on the area and trying to do some stretching of the foot, if that’s not painful. Good luck!

    • 22.1
      Heather says:

      I went to a doctor last time this exact pain happened and he put me in a boot, but no “real” diagnosis just “probably a stress fracture” and I didn’t run for 8-9 weeks. The pain was much worse then (but same spot) so I am hoping I caught it early enough!

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    Oh no! I’m so sorry Heather that your injury seems to have resurfaced. It’s no fun at all but I think that you’re doing the smart thing by resting and hopefully catching it early. Hang in there and good luck!

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