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Awhile back, I was given the opportunity to review a pair of custom foot orthotics for my running shoes. This was ideal for me, as I have had several issues and injuries over the past couple of years that maybe orthotics could correct. (IT band issues, tight/rotated hips, leg length issues, back pain, etc.) The great folks at Foot Dynamics were so accommodating and helpful through the whole process.


I was sent an impression kit in the mail along with very good, easy to follow instructions on how to get the correct impression of my feet. It was kind of cool actually! You put the foot molds in the oven for a few minutes to make them pliable so they will mold exactly to your foot to get a perfect, custom fit.

2012-01-12 16.38.02

Then you step onto this squishy wedge with the mold under your foot.

2012-01-12 16.37.42

A sheet was also included for me to fill out about any injuries or issues I have had or have currently that they may want to know about when creating my insoles. I made sure to give as much information as I could, and then shipped the kit back.

When you get your orthotics in the mail, they come with instructions on care, use and cleaning. Just like anything else, they need to be broken in before you start running long distances in them. I started by just putting them in my cross training shoes and walking around the house in them before taking them on a run. I will admit, it felt weird at first having something molded so closely underneath the arch of my foot, but I quickly got used to it and am happy to report so far I haven’t had any issues or running related injuries!


I am very happy wit the product, as well as the customer service and highly recommend them if you are looking to have orthotics made. I think they are a great investment for a runner, especially if you deal with injuries, pronation, back pain, etc. What a lifesaver! Be sure to check out their Facebook Fan page as well and be sure to Follow them on Twitter.

Foot Dynamics is such a great company, they are offering RWS readers a $20 discount on custom orthotics! Just use the code RWS12 when you check out.

QOTD: Do you use orthotics? Have you ever thought about it? What injuries do you have that you think could benefit from orthotics?

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10 Responses to Custom Orthotics: Foot Dynamics

  1. 1

    sounds like a very cool products, especially like you said, if you’d had previous injuries!

  2. 2

    I’ve always wanted to try orthotics! Do you think they’d work in minimalist shoes??

    • 2.1
      Heather says:

      def. not a Dr. so take this with a grain of salt, but I think it would depend on how minimalist the shoe is, and what you would need the orthotics for. If the orthotics are needed for something the minimalist shoe can’t help you with, like alignment, leg length, etc. then I would say yes use them. I swtich off running between a pair of asics and newtons and so far I have only put them in the asics.

  3. 3

    Neat concept of how they size the orthotics. I used some a long time ago after having plantar fasciitis but no longer wear them. Sounds like a great company.

  4. 4

    I’ve thought of orthotics for awhile now but haven’t pulled the trigger. I have bunions and now I’m having issues with PF so I really should look into this more– maybe I’ll check this company out :)

  5. 5
    Tara Burner says:

    sounds like a cool concept!
    I’ve only blown out my ankle multiple times but nothing as far as the foot (other than broken toes)

  6. 6
    Kierston says:

    Looks like an interesting product! Thanks for sharing it :)

  7. 7
    misszippy says:

    My experience has been quite the opposite, actually. I wore orthotics for almost three years and had some awful injuries. Ditched them, spend all my free time barefoot, and run in flexible, minimal shoes. Injuries are gone!

    We are all an experiment of one!

  8. 8
    Jessica M says:

    These sound AWESOME! I am thinking that I am going to need a pair of orthotics soon!

  9. 9
    The UDG says:

    I actually run to keep my injured leg feeling good (got caught in a towline on the back of a jet ski on my honeymoon) but I wonder if I decide to do any distance running if I might need orthotics.

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