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Good morning friends! Today is a good day, because I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! That’s right, by lunch I will be in the happiest place on earth, and heading to the race expo. I will be tweeting and sharing photos on my social media platforms, so don’t worry! Today check out this post from Lauren, and share some love on her blog!


Hi! I’m Lauren and I blog over at Faith & Deployments. I’m a mid 20-something military wife of 4 years, mom to two fur-puppies, a travel guru, wine-aholic, and more recently- runner.

I’m so happy to be blogging on Running with Sass. I’ve been a secret follower for about a year and I offered to talk about a Bod Pod challenge with all of you. In order for you to understand my need for a Bod Pod challenge, I’ll have to give you a basic background story.

I got married at a glorious size 4, 110 lb beauty, and three years later I was a size 10 145 hot mess. So I started running. And I ran, and ran for almost two years. We moved from Virginia to Texas at the early part of 2012 and I was at my wits end. I was still 145, I felt awful, no energy, lacked motivation, even, with all my running and I had lost all hope that I would ever fit into a single digit pant again.
Our base released an 8-week Team Bod Pod Weight Loss Challenge. When I signed up, I had no clue what it was and I was semi- worried because if I failed to submit my entries on week, my whole team would be disqualified; but I had some really encouraging women and decided it couldn’t hurt to try. Nothing else I had been doing in the health & fitness field was working for me.

Bod Pod is this little egg you sit in and it measures the percentage of your body fat versus muscle mass. Obviously we all want to be in the “lean fat” range, but I was surprised at how much body fat lies on your body compared to muscle mass. You sit in this egg and it does it’s little silent thing and then spits out a paper which tells you whether you are in one of 4 categories: too skinny, just right, fat, overweight in a nutshell. I ranked in the high fat range.

Our challenge started with an “assignment” each week to channel- eating issues, stress level, workout routine, and anything “extra” we felt like delving into. Each week we had to submit our chart of what we did/didn’t do each day in each of those four categories. We took a bod pod measurement at the beginning and end to see how well we did.

Eating was broken down into helping you move from eating processed/pre made foods into making meals from scratch, taking in a MINIMUM of 5 vegetables a day and 3 fruits, and to stop eating out almost all together. To help with my vegetable intake (I hate vegetables and practically gag them down) we were gifted a juicer and began juicing. This worked wonders. I could mask the nasty veggies with fruit and got my full servings if not more of fruits and vegetables per day. I started to notice an almost immediate change in my energy level by week two and by the end of week 8 I felt great.

An important part of the bod pod challenge was stress relief. We were encouraged to try 10 minutes of “calm down” time, away from electronics, to stretch and do some yoga. And to also practice calming our breath. It was most encouraged in the mornings, but I needed stress relief after work more. I was working at a summer camp with 60 kids all day. It was perfect timing for me since I worked all day, came home- relaxed, juiced, and then went off to run. It put me in the right state of mind to battle 100+ temperatures in the afternoon in Texas.

Workout was obviously a key to this challenge; you can’t just change your eating habits and hope to gain muscle mass. The requirements were 5- 30 minute or 3- 60 minute cardio and 3-5 strength & weight training. I don’t know much about weights, so I started doing Body Rock (link:, it’s online and free, you don’t need any equipment and you can do it in your home. The bonus- it only takes 12 minutes and it’s a total body work out. My runs were easy since I was signed up for my first half marathon and found a run buddy to keep me accountable.

The extras involved checking out the local parks or recreation camp and doing “sports” or any “work out” classes at a gym. We often went out to the state park and ran/hiked through the hills and trails (yes, Texas isn’t flat like everyone thinks).

At the end of the challenge I lost 3.2% body weight, gained 1.7% muscle mass, and lost 9.5 lbs. I felt amazing. I had so much energy, I felt good about myself, my friends back home started noticing my weight loss and how healthy I looked via photos and video chats. You can read about it here and view my chart:

Overall the program was amazing. Especially, if you don’t know where to begin with changing your lifestyle. Healthy eating and this type of exercising isn’t a diet- it’s most definitely a life style. If you have a gym near you that had a bod pod, I encourage you to try it and see where you’re at; even better if they have yearly challenges.

Check out these before and after shots!

bodpod1 bodpod2

QOTD: Have you ever tried a challenge like this before? Were you happy with the results?

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    awesome results! love all the extras- especially because it encouraged getting outside!

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    Miz says:

    you had me at WE WERE GIFTED A JUICER!
    I dont usually do challenges

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    Lauren, you look amazing!
    And Heather, have FUN in Disney 😀

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